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About our services

01. Enterprise Systems

We have been involved in the construction of a wide variety of enterprise systems
in a wide range of fields such as manufacturing, distribution, and finance.
We respond to a variety of requests related to the construction of enterprise systems,
including resident development at the customer’s site and contracted development at our company.

Low-code development

We use non-programming some tools to build web applications, by automatically generating programs from external designs, this enables rapid implementation and greatly reduce the man-hours required
for conventional programming and testing.

02. Statistical Analysis

With the advent of the Big Data era just around the corner,
we have built on our data science knowledge and experience cultivated in a wide variety of industries,
we help customers solve management issues, support quick management decisions,
promote the use of the latest IT technologies, and provide support for their introduction.

03. IoT Development

When we imagine the future with the spread of “IoT” in our daily lives,
we think that the role of embedded engineers will play a very important position.
Based on our experience in the development of digital home appliances,
we support our customers with a policy of high quality.

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