• The Job of Sales

The Job of Sales

Message to Job Seekers

Nowadays, we are riding the wave of DX (Digital Transformation), and things are changing at breakneck speed, especially in major companies.
In this era of DX, we would like you to proceed with your sales activities so that you can make good proposals to major companies by listening to their issues and needs and formulating solutions.
We are looking for salespeople who can think from the first contact, build a relationship of trust, and face various needs to consider and make proposals.
We also want you to enhance your business skills as well as your management know-how, and aim to lead the company in the near future.
Let’s make use of the experience and know-how you have built up to date and realize your “goals and dreams” at our company.

Hiring Manager’s Voice

We would like to tell you specifically about the kind of person we are looking for.
● have experience in sales to major companies, not only to individuals or small and medium-sized companies.
● can think of the first contact as it is necessary to develop new business as well as deep sales.
● can approach sales with a plan.
● able to listen to the issues and make proposals to solve them.
   ⇒The contents of our proposals vary widely.
   The contents of proposals vary widely, such as package implementation, system development proposals, and engineering support.
   There is no one-sided activity that says, “Sell it to us.
   We would like you to make proposals that meet the needs of our clients.

Recruitment Process

Basically, the process is as follows
Step 1: Document screening  
Step 2: First round interview
Step 3: Second round interview (executive officer)

Application Guidelines


Job Categories System Sales (Corporate)
Eligibility for Application

■Experienced in corporate sales
*Experience in the IT industry is not required.

■Experienced in system development
*Persons with a goal of becoming a salesperson.

Employment Status Full-time employee *Trial period: 4 months
Selection Process Application Screening Process/Interview
Application Documents Resume (with photo) and work history
Salary Salary will be determined based on experience, ability, and previous salary.
Holiday Leave ・5-day workweek, public holidays in japan.
・The year-end and new year holidays.
・Paid leave, Special leave, Congratulation or condolence leave.
・Maternity leave, Granny leave ,Short-time work system for childcare.
Welfare Programme ・An annual pay raise.
・20hours per months in the average amount of overtime.
・Social insurance complete.(Employment, industrial accident, health, pension)
・Commuting allowance.(Less than one hundred thousand yen in a month)
・Housing allowance.
・Medical check-up system.
・Technical training.
・Recreational facility.
・Various events.
How to Apply

Please send an email to the recruiter for applications and inquiries.
Recruiter : saiyo@infrontinc.co.jp
>Please confirm our《Personal Information Protection Policy regarding recruitment》 ※ Only Japanese language.